A new DNA test claims to let prospective parents weed out IVF embryos with a high risk of disease or low intelligence. It will also warn clients about any embryo predicted to become a person who is among the shortest...
Privacy experts say a warrant granted in Florida could set a precedent, opening up all consumer DNA sites to law enforcement agencies across the country.
Scientists and genetic counselors say that unregulated tools like the "How Gay Are You?" app can cause anxiety, unnecessary medical expenses, stigmatization and worse.
Four new studies offer the most comprehensive look at current practices in a little-regulated industry.
Two police officers in China patrol a city square
By Yves Moreau, Nature | 12.03.2019

Across the world, DNA databases that could be used for state-level surveillance are steadily growing.

The most striking case is...

Strands of DNA cut in two places
By Emily Mullin, Medium | 11.25.2019

Around this time last November, Chinese scientist He Jiankui stunned the world when he revealed the birth of the first...

swab used in a home DNA test
By Ed Cara, Gizmodo | 11.20.2019

At the start of this decade, the federal government called out consumer DNA testing as a burgeoning scam industry. Little...

A Chinese man in a blue shirt (Dr. He Jiankui)
By Nature Editorial Board, Nature | 11.20.2019

A year ago this week, geneticist He Jiankui made the shocking announcement of the birth of twin girls in China...

a little person shakes hands with a politician
By Damian Garde, STAT | 11.18.2019

Scientists have come up with a drug, injected once a day, that appears to make children’s bones grow. To many,...

mosquito on a green leaf
By Hidde Boersma and Joost Bastmeijer, The Guardian | 11.18.2019

At 6:30 am five-year-old Osman Balama and his mother reach the state hospital of Bobo-Dioulasso, the second-largest city in Burkina...

gloved hand drops liquid into a vial labeled CRISPR
By Jonathan R. Latham, Salon | 11.10.2019

The opening scene of "Unnatural Selection," a four-part docuseries released recently from Netflix, depicts scientist Jennifer Doudna showing off a...

photo of a white man with grey hair and mustache, crossing his arms and smiling
By Kevin Davies, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | 11.08.2019

Francis Collins, MD, PhD, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has reaffirmed his support for a moratorium on...