A proposed California law would prohibit DNA testing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe from sharing customer DNA information with outside parties without their consent.
The president of one of the country’s largest at-home genetic testing companies has apologized to its users for failing to disclose that it was sharing DNA data with federal investigators.
If you're thinking of freezing your eggs, you probably want to know how likely you are to get pregnant from a round of IVF. But looking at the success rate for each individual egg (the much lower number) ignores the fact that a round of IVF will involve several eggs.
Side effects of OHSS can range from nausea and vomiting to severe bloating and blood clots. In the worst cases, OHSS can be fatal.
World wrapped with GACT pattern
By Donna Dickenson, Katie Hasson & Marcy Darnovsky, Project Syndicate | 03.17.2020

The announcement by the Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui in November 2018 that he had created the world’s first gene-edited babies...

adult and child holding hands
By University of Bristol, Phys Org | 03.11.2020

Pupils' genetic data do not predict their educational outcomes with sufficient accuracy and shouldn't be used to design a genetically...

close-up photo of a researcher wearing a mask
By Angela Saini, Nature | 03.09.2020

One of the world’s leading universities — University College London (UCL) — has completed an inquiry into its support for...

women in hospital bed
By Francis S Collins, Fortune | 03.08.2020

The year was 1984. I was finishing my medical genetics training at Yale, working on the molecular genetics of disorders...

CRISPR in a vial
By The Associated Press, The New York Times | 03.04.2020

Scientists say they have used the gene editing tool CRISPR inside someone's body for the first time, a new frontier...

Vial of DNA labeled DNA Test
By Libby Copeland, TIME | 03.02.2020

“Have you found an article of clothing with a suspicious stain?” asks the website of one Florida-based company called All...

a strand of DNA
By Michael Eisenstein, Nature | 02.24.2020

Leslie Mitchell had no intention of doing a postdoc. After completing her PhD at the University of Ottawa, she had...

sperm swimming to an egg
By Karen Weingarten, Nursing Clio | 02.24.2020

In 1974, a Los Angeles Times staff writer interviewed Dr. Donald Adler, a Beverly Hills gynecologist who ran a sperm...