In a surprise announcement from a trial that was closed to the public, the court found Dr. He guilty of forging approval documents from ethics review boards.
Genetic genealogy has ushered in a new era devoid of rules and regulations concerning genetic privacy.
DNA databases have become like Facebook for genes, driven by the same fundamental human desire to connect.
The unique benefit of germline editing is extremely limited in its application—a fact that must be emphasized in the discussions surrounding germline editing.
circular graphic representing a human genome
By Krishanu Saha, J. Benjamin Hurlbut & Sheila Jasanoff , Scientific American | 01.15.2020

In November 2018, a Chinese scientist, He Jiankui, caused an international uproar by announcing the birth of two babies whose...

man in a business suit stealing money
By Ellen Trachman, Above the Law | 01.08.2020

You might not have heard the news, given the holiday season, but the alarming case of a scam surrogacy agency...

Silhouettes of prisoners behind a fence.
By Emily Mullin, Medium One Zero [cites CGS' Katie Hasson] | 01.08.2020

This week, the United States government will begin collecting DNA samples from thousands of people detained by immigration officials, including...

He Jiankui speaking at the the international genome editing summit in Hong Kong
By Françoise Baylis, The Boston Globe | 01.05.2020

Three babies, three scientists, three years in jail, and a three million yuan fine. This is the story of He...

Photo of Françoise Baylis, a white woman with brown hair, smiling
By Françoise Baylis, The Conversation | 01.05.2020

A month ago, there were countless commentaries on the one-year anniversary of the news that Chinese researcher He Jiankui had...

Black and white logo for The Hasting Center featuring the name and a silhouette of a tree
By Ruipeng Lei and Renzong Qiu, The Hastings Center Bioethics Forum | 01.04.2020

Professionals and the public in China first learned of the jail sentence of He Jiankui from the report of Xinhua...

Illustration of scientists constructing DNA
By Sarah Ruth Bates, WBUR Boston | 01.03.2020

Gene-editing technologies have huge potential to alleviate human suffering. But, like all very powerful technologies, they also carry enormous risks...

Artistic rendering of DNA being severed by CRISPR
By Theresa Machemer, Smithsonian Magazine [Cites CGS' Marcy Darnovsky] | 12.31.2019

On Monday, a court in Shenzhen sentenced He Jiankui—the scientist who performed CRISPR gene-editing on twin human embryos—to three years...