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A Eugenics Society poster (1930s) from the 
Wellcome Library Eugenics Society Archive via Wikimedia

On a Saturday afternoon in May...

 Rehua, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

James Wilson, director of the Gene Therapy Program at Penn’s...

I first met Sheldon Krimsky at a conference on “Research with Recombinant DNA” organized by the U.S. National Academy of...



Building an Anti-Eugenic Future in the Face of White Supremacy

Coverup at UPenn Gene Therapy Program? | Assisted reproduction questions raised by SCOTUS abortion decision

New Opinion Polls on Heritable Genome Editing | Polygenic Embryo Scores and Eugenic Futures


View a recording of the February 25, 2021 event sponsored by the San Francisco Asian Art Museum: With film clips and discussion, this DEAI series workshop explores a dangerous idea that has threatened the American Dream from the beginning: the belief that some groups and individuals are inherently superior to others and more deserving of fundamental rights.

On January 29, 2020, Marcy Darnovsky spoke to an audience of 600 in Santa Barbara at TEDxLagunaBlanca. Her talk was...

This episode of the Al Jazeera video series Start Here features an interview with CGS Program Director on Genetic Justice, Katie Hasson.

Talks and Testimonies

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When you send your saliva to 23andme, you can get all kinds of genetic information — but now that it's...

DNA Strain

Are designer babies going to become a reality in the near future?

On this episode Cormac speaks to former NASA...

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This podcast discussion peeks into the world projected by J.D. Lasica in his new genetics thriller novel, Biohack. Bioethics...


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This comprehensive progress report critically evaluates the first year of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the agency running...

The Center for Genetics and Society met on January 2 with members of the new administration's transition team to discuss...