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On July 15, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jack Reed (D-RI) introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for the creation of international ethical standards for gene-editing research.

The Center for Genetics and Society welcomes the introduction of this...

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Berkeley, California – The journal Nature reported yesterday that a scientist in Russia claims he will attempt to produce gene-edited babies using CRISPR technology. Molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov’s stated plan is to disable the CCR5 gene in human embryos and...

Press Statement
Surrogacy360 fills a significant information gap and encourages arrangements that provide safeguards for intended parents, surrogates, and children.

CGS in the News

An unidentified New York couple is suing a Los Angeles fertility clinic after they claim the woman gave birth to a pair of babies that were not biologically theirs.

The lawsuit claims the Asian American parents were shocked to find...

A strand of DNA analyzed in a rape kit from 1990 was the key piece of evidence in Starkville Police Department's 28-year-old investigation into the murders of Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler. 

But until last year, that DNA hadn't matched...

A congressional committee voted Tuesday to continue a federal ban on creating genetically modified babies in the United States.

The House Appropriations Committee voted to retain the ban after the prohibition had been lifted last month by a subcommittee. The...


Late last year, scientist He Jiankui announced the birth of the world’s first genetically modified babies. He deployed a technology known as CRISPR to alter the genomes of two embryos that he used to initiate a pregnancy; their mother...

As the debate about heritable genome editing unfolds, divergent perspectives are coming more clearly into view. Those who see it as offering little or no benefit while posing unacceptable societal risks support either the currently prevailing policies that ban it...

Last fall, when a Chinese scientist announced that he had created genetically modified twin babies, the world was stunned and outraged. In the U.S., we were able to draw some modicum of reassurance from a policy that has served as...

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