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WHO committee recognizes need for global cooperation, meaningful public engagement on heritable genome editing; falls short by not calling for global ban

Today a World Health Organization advisory committee released two reports with recommendations for governance of human genome editing, the...

Press Statement

New research just published in The CRISPR Journal finds that 70 countries categorically prohibit heritable human genome editing – procedures that would result in the birth of genetically modified children (so-called CRISPR babies). The results contrast with widespread underreporting of...

Press Statement

A report released today by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences and Medicine and the U.K. Royal Society lays out a road map to clinical uses of heritable genome editing – that is, altering the genes and traits of future...

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Photo by National Human Research Institute on Flickr

Earlier this year, the police in Eugene, Ore., said they had identified a serial killer who committed three murders from 1986 to 1988. The man, John Charles Bolsinger, had escaped attention so...

"Women welfare rights activists holding signs protesting
proposed forced sterilization bill outside Tennessee courthouse, 1971,”
Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF)

White skin, blonde hair and blue eyes: the archetype of the Aryan race, deemed by German dictator Adolf Hitler to...

Photo by Astaken on Flickr

The war in Ukraine has disrupted trade and threatened the global economy, from oil to wheat. 

But there's another major market in the country that now faces an uncertain future: The surrogacy industry. 

BioTexCom is...


September, 1921 was unusually hot and New York was sweltering. For the many immigrants who crowded the city's tenements and pavements, one of the few places for relief from the incessant heat was the American Museum of Natural History. That...

The COVID pandemic has placed new hurdles to having a child through surrogacy, complicating international surrogacy in particular by restricting travel, delaying birth certificates and visas, and introducing specific considerations about safety and well-being. In addition, the pandemic has created...

Levrier apparently misunderstands the nature of our project published in The CRISPR Journal in October 2020.

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