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A report released today by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences and Medicine and the U.K. Royal Society lays out a road map to clinical uses of heritable genome editing – that is, altering the genes and traits of future...

Press Statement

January 31, 2020

Authors of the “Geneva Statement on Heritable Human Genome Editing: The Need for Course Correction” point to the need to clarify misrepresentations, center societal consequences and concerns, and foster meaningful public empowerment and deliberation...

Press Statement

Berkeley, California – China has announced the sentencing of He Jiankui, the scientist whose attempts at heritable genome editing led to the births of three babies. The Center for Genetics and Society welcomes this strong stand by the Chinese government,...

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In 2018, Jiankui He (pictured) announced that he had edited genes in embryos to create two baby girls.

Gene editing to make heritable changes in human DNA isn’t yet safe and effective enough to make gene-edited babies, an international scientific...

Powerful genome editing procedures that could prevent parents from passing on heritable diseases to their children are far from ready for clinical use, and must be proved safe and effective before nations permit them, leading scientists have warned.

In a ...

SACRAMENTO, CA — Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) announced today that his measure, Senate Bill 980 (SB 980)  passed the California State Assembly and will soon go to the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom to be signed into law. SB 980...


In this interview as in past public comments, Jennifer Doudna opens the door to using the CRISPR platform she helped develop in the service of a hugely controversial enterprise: altering the genomes and traits of future children and subsequent generations....

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

Pandemics are often thought to be unforeseeable acts of God that emerge suddenly to wreak havoc on unsuspecting populations. But that’s not how public health practitioners think about them. More often than not, pandemics...

Whether to employ heritable genome editing is not a decision we can take lightly. It certainly cannot be treated as a choice we have already made.

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