In a surprise announcement from a trial that was closed to the public, the court found Dr. He guilty of forging approval documents from ethics review boards.
Genetic genealogy has ushered in a new era devoid of rules and regulations concerning genetic privacy.
DNA databases have become like Facebook for genes, driven by the same fundamental human desire to connect.
The unique benefit of germline editing is extremely limited in its application—a fact that must be emphasized in the discussions surrounding germline editing.
Gloved hand drops liquid into a vial labeled CRISPR
By Merrit Kennedy, NPR [Cites CGS' Marcy Darnovsky] | 12.30.2019

A Chinese scientist who shocked the medical community last year when he said he had illegally created the world's first...

He Jiankui wearing blue shirt
By Sui-Lee Wee, The New York Times | 12.30.2019

A court in China on Monday sentenced He Jiankui, the researcher who shocked the global scientific community when he claimed...

human egg under a microscope
By Sarah Elizabeth Richards, The New York Times | 12.21.2019

The potential for egg freezing to allow women to pause their biological clocks is one of the most astonishing developments...

By Sharon Begley, STAT | 12.20.2019

One of the armadillo quadruplets runs away when she hears Amanda Withnell approaching; her three siblings calmly keep their faces...

A doctor holding a clipboard goes over test results with a patient. Only their hands are shown.
By Amy Dockser Marcus, The Wall Street Journal | 12.20.2019

When she was in her early 30s, Katy Mathes decided to check her cancer risk. A genetic test showed a...

four baby piglets sleeping
By Kelly Servick, Science | 12.19.2019

If any swine is fit to be an organ donor for people, then the dozens of pigs snuffling around Qihan...

orange police caution tape
By Nila Bala, SLATE | 12.19.2019

On Dec. 9, Verogen, a California-based forensic genomics company, acquired GEDmatch, a user-sourced DNA genealogy site. The acquisition suggests that...

Men in kilts holding flags marching in the New York City St. Patrick's Day parade
By Honor Sachs , The Washington Post | 12.13.2019

This holiday season, millions of Americans will receive gifts allowing them to explore their genealogy and ancestry. People will give...