CGS encourages responsible uses and effecitve governance of human genetic and assisted reproductive technologies


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The “Geneva Statement” is a robust and cautionary statement about the future of heritable genome editing that brings new voices and perspectives to a conversation that has so far been dominated by scientists and bioethicists.
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There have been a remarkable spate of media stories lately involving problems with or concerns about DNA-based technology.

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On January 6, the federal government began collecting DNA from any person in immigration custody. With this move, it took a decisive step toward collecting and tracking large numbers of its citizens’ genetic information too.

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Whether it is ever acceptable to genetically engineer future children is a question for humanity, not for science.

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Heritable human gene editing is drawing attention at the very highest levels of global power. The Global Risks Report,...

Trends in Biotechnology has published an important new statement authored by CGS’ Katie Hasson (program director on genetic justice), Marcy Darnovsky...

This week, CGS and Black Women for Wellness released materials articulating a reproductive justice perspective against human germline modification. The...


Stephen Wald took a home DNA test in 2018, hoping to explore his family ancestry with his two young children. Instead, he learned a family secret: The man who raised him was not his biological father. Several days of intense...

A state senator in California is introducing legislation designed to provide more oversight over direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies.

The new regulations, introduced by Santa Ana’s Democratic Senator Thomas Umberg, builds on attempts in the California Consumer Privacy Act to regulate...

Pretty much everyone who wanted to give home DNA testing a try has done so, and companies are having a hard time winning over new customers.
Using genetically-edited cells to supercharge the immune system caused no adverse effects in cancer patients. It's too soon to tell if it can be a cure.


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