CGS encourages responsible uses and effecitve governance of human genetic and assisted reproductive technologies


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On Sunday, January 31, 60 Minutes featured DNA databases and China — together and separately — in fine, bombastic style.
This episode of the Al Jazeera video series Start Here features an interview with CGS Program Director on Genetic Justice, Katie Hasson.
Biopolitical Times
The last year was extraordinary. It challenged, touched, and changed all of us at the Center for Genetics and Society.
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To: The Biden-Harris Administration

From: Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Genetics and Society[1]

December 2020...

Biopolitical Times

We were shocked — shocked — to learn that 23andMe is cashing in on its customers’ spit. $3.5 billion...

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The New York Times published on February...

The United States fertility market is growing very rapidly, and is projected to reach $15.4 billion in 2023, more than double...


Levrier apparently misunderstands the nature of our project published in The CRISPR Journal in October 2020.1 We identified and reviewed policy documents relevant to human germline and heritable genome editing research in 96 countries.

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Novartis and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are joining forces to discover and develop a gene therapy to cure sickle cell disease with a one-step, one-time treatment that is affordable and simple...

Bluebird Bio said Tuesday that it has suspended clinical trials involving its gene therapy for sickle cell disease after receiving reports that two patients treated with the one-time therapy were diagnosed with cancer.

The trials were placed on “temporary suspension”...

A company has stopped its clinical studies of a promising gene therapy for the blood disorder sickle cell disease after two people who participated developed leukemia-like cancer. Bluebird bio is now investigating whether a virus it uses to deliver a...


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