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On July 26, news broke that scientists led by Shoukrat Mitalipov used CRISPR to perform gene editing on human embryos—a first in the United States. Scientists in China had previously edited human embryos, but the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) researchers edited more embryos with greater accuracy than previous attempts.

Last week, prominent researchers raised doubts about the findings of this study. But this developing scientific controversy raises additional questions about the initial reporting of this research. The...

Biopolitical Times
Scattered Seeds: In Search of Family and Identity in the Sperm Donor Generation, by Jacqueline Mroz, 253 pp. Seal Press, 2017. In 1681, the English poet John Dryden began his epic poem “Absalom and Achitophel,” a political satire, with an account of a monarch who...

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Anonymized genomes can be traced back to the people they came from by linking the data to identifiable individual traits, ...

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We’re on the cusp of being able to genetically shape our offspring, but without accurately informing would-be parents, genetic diversity


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The cover of Donna Dickenson's "Property in the Body" second edition featuring an image of a woman with her eyes closed superimposed on an image of a gel electrophoresis scan.

Property in the Body: Feminist Perspectives, Second Edition, by Donna Dickenson, 202 pp.. Cambridge Bioethics and Law. Cambridge University...

Portrait of Rudy Rupak

In early August, the founder of California surrogacy agency Planet Hospital, Rudy Rupak, was sentenced to serve two years in...

Image of "Friends from College" TV Show showing the six main characters in the series.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives. In the past few years, tech companies...



For the first time, scientists have edited the DNA in human embryos to make a fundamental discovery about the earliest days of human development.

By modifying a key gene in very early-stage embryos, the researchers demonstrated that a gene plays...

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Stem cells can be coaxed to self-assemble into structures resembling human embryos.

Yue Shao had never seen anything quite like it.

Two years ago, Shao, a mechanical engineer with a flair for biology, was working with embryonic stem cells, the...

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At the Ravens vs. Browns game on Sunday, a biotech startup had planned to hand out tens of thousands of free genetic tests. But the promotion was axed at the last minute after questions from the Maryland health department.


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Four crucial facts about race, sex, and biology that contradict this messy argument.

In America, we've had a long history of people in positions of privilege and power who argue that innate biological differences between races or sexes explain why...


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