CGS encourages responsible uses and effecitve governance of human genetic and assisted reproductive technologies


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The “Geneva Statement” is a robust and cautionary statement about the future of heritable genome editing that brings new voices and perspectives to a conversation that has so far been dominated by scientists and bioethicists.
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Grassroots activism and social justice advocacy are more effective when there are allies among the elite. That’s looking a little more plausible nowadays.

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A proposed California law would prohibit DNA testing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe from sharing customer DNA information with outside parties without their consent.
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There have been a remarkable spate of media stories lately involving problems with or concerns about DNA-based technology.

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The resignation on February 17 of Andrew Sabisky, a recently hired junior advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sparked...

Heritable human gene editing is drawing attention at the very highest levels of global power. The Global Risks Report,...

Trends in Biotechnology has published an important new statement authored by CGS’ Katie Hasson (program director on genetic justice), Marcy Darnovsky...


In the summer of 2017, Julie Johnson saw a Facebook ad about egg donation. Somebody out there — an older mother, maybe, or a gay couple — needed eggs to have a child, and hers could be removed and given...

Genetic testing showed that the author's daughter had inherited one faulty copy of the OCA2 gene from each of her parents. This gene is involved in making melanin, the substance that gives skin, hair, and eyes their color, and also...
For years, New York City has been amassing an immense local database of DNA, collecting samples not just from people convicted of crimes, but from people simply arrested or questioned, including minors.
Testing for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is hardly foolproof, and could even backfire.


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