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Public opinion surveys highlight how cultural experiences and political climates shape views on biotechnology at specific historical moments and help us track shifts over time. The Center for Genetics and Society has collected poll data dating back to 1986, and is in the process of updating the presentation. In the interim, here are links to earlier versions, in pdf form: Opinion Polls on Heritable Human Genetic Modification and Cloning; Animal and Pet Cloning Opinion Polls.
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Scientists, scholars, and social justice advocates have debated for decades about the prospect of modifying the traits we pass on to future generations. The controversy emerged well before the relevant science or technology was clearly in view, but took on new urgency in early 2015. In April of that year, researchers reported an experiment with nonviable human embryos using a new-generation genome editing tool known as CRISPR-Cas9.

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Should there be a religious or moral litmus test for the NIH Director?

A few dozen super conservative Republican members of Congress have written a letter to President Trump saying he should fire NIH Director Francis Collins.


Because they...

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C. Randal Mills, the 45-year-old CEO of California’s $3 billion stem cell research program, is a man who loves his...

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A report from the National Academies says scientists alone can't make the call—they must engage with the broader public


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A woman of color holds a demonstration sign reading, "George Orwell, Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood--They warned us!"

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