The Center for Genetics and Society receives numerous invitations to speak in person and via video link to high school, college, and university classes about gene editing and other related topics. Through these engagements, CGS shares a biopolitical framework that is grounded in social justice and the common good. Though we are not able to accept all requests, CGS welcomes these opportunities.

Below is a list of recent classroom presentations.

Biopolitical Times

The November 2017 issue of Nature Biotechnology included a special focus on “Humans 2.0.” The articles (currently available for free) cover a range of genetic and reproductive technologies.

Standout articles include Amber Dance’s “Better Beings,” which provides an overview of recent germline editing research and explores policy, social, and ethical implications from different perspectives. Quoting CGS executive director Marcy Darnovsky, and scholars Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Charis Thompson, Dance lays out social justice arguments opposing germline editing...

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EXCLUSIVE: Demand for IVF in China has surged since the one-child policy was scrapped, but unmarried women are denied access....

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An Argentine woman has been reunited with her relatives 40 years after she was stolen as a newborn by the...

A woman scientist is turned away from the camera, and faces a laboratory desk filled with equipment.

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Three burning white candles, in a dark room. Candle wax drips on each.

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