Katie Hasson

Katie Hasson, PhD, writes, speaks, researches, and teaches about the social and political aspects of human genetic and reproductive technologies. Katie earned her PhD in Sociology with a Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender, and Sexuality from the University of California, Berkeley, and was previously Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California.

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By Katie Hasson and Marcy Darnovsky, The Hill | 09.13.2020

In November 2018, at a gene-editing “summit” hosted by scientific societies from the U.S., the U.K., and Hong...

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By Donna Dickenson, Katie Hasson & Marcy Darnovsky, Project Syndicate | 03.17.2020

The announcement by the Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui in November 2018 that he had created the world’s first gene-edited babies...

Global with DNA letter around it
By Roberto Andorno, Françoise Baylis, Marcy Darnovsky, Donna Dickenson, Hille Haker, Katie Hasson, Leah Lowthorp, et al., Trends in Biotechnology | 01.31.2020

Heritable Human Genome Editing: Nearing a Critical Juncture

The impending decision about whether to develop and use heritable human genome...

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DNA Code
By Katie Hasson, Impact Ethics | 12.04.2020

The “CRISPR babies” announced in headlines around the world recently turned two years old, and we still know nothing about...

Map of the world showing countries that prohibit heritable human genome editing in red
By Françoise Baylis, Marcy Darnovsky, Katie Hasson, and Timothy M. Krahn, The CRISPR Journal | 10.20.2020


Discussions and debates about the governance of human germline and heritable genome editing should be informed by a clear...

Home DNA testing
By Caitlin Harrington, Wired [cites CGS' Katie Hasson] | 10.02.2020

WHEN THE GENEALOGY company Ancestry released the latest update to its “ethnicity estimates” last month, a lot of people suddenly became...

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An organization of scientists is recommending that limitations on several experimental and controversial research procedures – including heritable genome editing...

Public and policy conversations about heritable human genome editing often leave the impression that rules governing it are few and...