Biopolitics refers to public understandings, public policies, and public-interest advocacy about the social meanings and consequences of human biotechnologies. Biopolitics in the 21st century has come to reflect the rapid acceleration of technological developments since the birth of the modern biotechnology industry in the 1970s, the increasingly blurred boundary between academic and commercial biology, and growing recognition of the need for public and political engagement, especially with profoundly consequential prospects including human gene editing for reproduction. In some countries, notably the U.S., biopolitical views are not always aligned with political positioning on other issues. Public interest advocates working in a biopolitical framework emphasize the importance of social justice to evaluations of technological innovations.

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June 27 update: The Assembly Public Safety Committee unanimously approved the bill on June 26th, and it will next be heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

May 31 update: The California Senate passed SB1190 unanimously and it will move on to the Assembly. More news to come.

April 17 update: SB 1190 was unanimously approved by a California Senate committee, and will next be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee. Check back for more news.

April 10 update: See a ...

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When the DNA results came back, even Lukis Anderson thought he might have committed the murder.

“I drink a lot,” he remembers telling public defender Kelley Kulick as they sat in a plain interview room at the Santa Clara County,...

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Arizona has become the first state in the country to pass a law that would allow frozen embryos to be...

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In 1942, 18-year-old Iris Lopez, a Mexican-American woman, started working at the Calship Yards in Los Angeles. Working on the...

Black and white photo of an old hospital room.

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A female, African American protester holds a sign that reads, "Sterilization of mothers violates U.N. charter. Vote No on House Bill 20."

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A row of brightly colored blue, purple, yellow and red eggs sits in the snow

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