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Are opposed to scientists making a genetically identical copy of a human being.*
~ 90
Find it very or somewhat acceptable to clone human organs for transplants or tissue required to treat medical conditions.
Find cloning of human skin or other organs such as hearts and livers acceptable.
> 80
Find genetic engineering to preselect the sex of an unborn child unacceptable.
Find genetic engineering to change the eye colour or other physical features of an unborn child unacceptable.
Find it acceptable for scientists to use biotechnology to cure an inherited medical condition or to decrease the risk of illness.
> 50

* When they explained why they opposed the cloning of whole human beings, about 42 percent said it was "simply unacceptable," and just less than 22 percent said cloning was unacceptable because it is too dangerous and has unknown consequences for humans. Of the 10 percent of Canadians who did not oppose cloning of entire human beings, most were men.

  • Survey population: 2,580 Canadians aged 15 and older
  • Date of survey: March 2000
  • Margin...