Aggregated News

How much do you favor or oppose...


  Strongly Favor Somewhat Favor Somewhat Oppose  Strongly Oppose Don’t Know No Answer
allowing the cloning or genetically altering of humans 4 9 19 65 1 1
using human cloning technology IF it is used ONLY to help medical research develop new treatments for disease 21 29 16 32 2 2

Do you think that, in general, it is morally acceptable or morally wrong...

  Morally acceptable  Morally wrong Don’t know No answer
to use human cloning technology in developing new treatments for disease? 36 53 7 4

New technology in science and medicine may allow couples who want to have a baby to pick and choose the baby's genetic characteristics such as hair color or the risk for certain diseases. Would you say that changing a baby's genetic characteristics _____ is making appropriate use of medical advances OR is it taking medical advances too far?

  Appropriate use  Taking medical advances too far Don’t know No answer
for cosmetic purposes such as eye or hair color 4 94 2 0