Disability Rights

Disability rights advocates have been among the earliest and most vocal critics of emerging human genetic and assisted reproductive technologies. They are acutely aware that technologies enabling the selection of “good” genes and “normal” traits can devalue the bodies and ultimately the lives of people with disabilities. Their concerns are grounded in histories of discrimination and abuse, notably the twentieth-century state-sponsored sterilization projects in dozens of U.S. states, and the Nazi campaigns to exterminate hundreds of thousands of disabled people in German medical facilities and concentration camps. Today, disability rights advocates remind all of us to ask whether scientific innovations, including prenatal tests, embryo screening, and gene editing for reproduction, are likely to create a future that respects or devalues difference and disability as a part of the human condition.

Biopolitical Times

The November 2017 issue of Nature Biotechnology included a special focus on “Humans 2.0.” The articles (currently available for free) cover a range of genetic and reproductive technologies.

Standout articles include Amber Dance’s “Better Beings,” which provides an overview of recent germline editing research and explores policy, social, and ethical implications from different perspectives. Quoting CGS executive director Marcy Darnovsky, and scholars Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Charis Thompson, Dance lays out social justice arguments opposing germline editing...

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How a powerful group of New Zealanders attempted to wipe out 'mental defectives' and improve the white race.

Oh Mother, save me from Dr Gray
‘Cause teacher says he’s coming to-day
And if I’m stupid he’ll take me away.


As the technology to create genetically modified babies moves closer to practice, what questions should we ask before such procedures...

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New York City police officer Wenjian Liu died while on duty in 2014. More than two years later, his daughter...

Silhouette against a  spotlight in the distance, of two hands putting together two pieces of a puzzle.

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A grayscale image of a person's hand is shown, as it gently holds a colorful image of earth in their hands.

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