Racial Justice

Most scientists and social scientists agree that there is no biological basis for race. Yet the idea that racial groups can be found in biology continues to make its way into human genetic research and biotechnologies. Some common examples include genetic studies on racialized health disparities, direct-to-consumer genetic ancestry tests, and forensic DNA databases. These products and practices typically try to reduce race to a set of biological markers, and fail to address the social, political, environmental, and economic inequalities that continue to make race a salient social category. Critical race scholars and racial justice advocates alike seek to promote public awareness and regulatory oversight of biotechnology to ensure that genetics isn’t used to exploit or reinforce existing institutional racial inequalities.

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We all have those people in our family or close circle who are just like Martin Lawrence’s character in Boomerang: They “here” on all the conspiracies—from being certain that microwaves cause sterility in black men (or is it White Owls?)...


What would it mean to embrace new gene-editing technologies such as CRISPR–Cas9 at the very moment white supremacy is, once again, on the rise?

Whenever I tell someone about my research on the ethical issues surrounding reproductive and genetic technologies—everything from assisted...

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An open letter, signed by current and former members of the group, set off the latest round of complaints about...

Photo of Victoria during the workshop, with a board that reads "Race, Genetics, and Reproduction."
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Communications Coordinator Victoria Massie facilitated a thought provoking workshop discussion at the Black Women for Wellness Conference, Power Manifesto.


An empty, sealed bag labeled as evidence.

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A young girl has ber back turned away from the camera, and sits on a rock, with jeans a brown t-shirt, and long hair. She looks onward to a rock and landscape.

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Trump looks with his eyes scanning to his left, as he speaks in front of a microphone.

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A multicolored representation of DNA profile.

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