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For a roundup of recent articles on the impact of the war on surrogacy, see this page at Surrogacy360, a project of the Center for Genetics and Society

Photos and videos of newborns lined up in plastic cots in a Ukrainian hotel room plastered the news at the beginning of the COVID pandemic; their parents were unable to reach them due to travel restrictions. As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine over a month ago, similar images emerged – though...

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At Biopolitical Times, we used to enjoy skewering what we called the Gene of the Week: the all-too-common concept that some specific gene “caused” some particular emotion or behavior. We quit when the “candidate gene era” of biological science flunked the reality test, by the early 2010s. Unfortunately, as in the old horror movie, the idea, suitably mutated, may be coming back.

The idea of finding the connection — if any — between...

I first met Sheldon Krimsky at a conference on “Research with Recombinant DNA” organized by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC in March 1977. (We later discovered that we had unknowingly been together on a more momentous...

Originally published on 02.17.2022 in The Globe and Mail,
cross-posted by permission of the author

Ukrainian Easter eggs by Luba Petrusha 
CC BY-SA 3.0 via wikimedia

With tensions rising in Ukraine, the Canadian government last weekend again urged its citizens to...