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Sketches of the suspect
The use of DNA for forensic purposes is long overdue for reassessment. The alleged identification of the so-called “Golden State Killer” (also known by several other nicknames) may just be sparking debates that have been needed for decades, about the law, privacy, databases, and the reliability of DNA evidence.
Biopolitical Times
[Image by Amaury Laporte via Flickr] For centuries, Western artistic conventions for depicting infants drew heavily on the Christian typology of the Madonna and child. Even popular secular images of babies often featured poses and compositions similar to those gracing many a European church wall. Twentieth century pieces challenging the notion of whiteness as the norm, as shown in Romare Bearden’s

A prestigious group of French researchers in genetics, neurobiology, and the history and sociology of science recently published a statement in Le Monde newspaper decrying the current proliferation of pseudoscientific claims linking genetics and intelligence, particularly in relation to social...

In May 2017, Nature Methods published a short, peer-reviewed letter reporting on a study of off-target mutations caused by CRISPR gene-editing in mice. You might recall the (somewhat panicky) headlines along the lines of Gizmodo’s Crispr May Not...