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World map showing countries that prohibit heritabl human genome editing in red

Public and policy conversations about heritable human genome editing often leave the impression that rules governing it are few and far between. Many news reports and scholarly articles present global governance as starting from a more or less blank slate; some also suggest that global agreement on this controversial issue would be unlikely. This view skims over some inconvenient facts, like the existence of the Oviedo Convention, a binding international treaty signed by 29 European countries, which prohibits heritable...

Biopolitical Times
Entering into surrogacy arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic is unwise and unsafe. It creates unnecessary risks and challenges for surrogates, egg providers, babies born, and intended parents. Additionally, the pandemic exacerbates power imbalances that existed pre-COVID between intended parents, and surrogates and egg providers.
Several titles have caught our attention lately, three published in the past few weeks and two more announced for early 2021.

In a wide-ranging conversation on September 22, a stellar panel grappled with an ambitious agenda announced by the event’s title: “Climate Crisis, Designer Babies and Pandemics: Challenging the Techno-Utopianism of the Genetically Engineered Age.” You can view and hear the...