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Who should live and who should die? That brutal and generally unspoken question is behind all the eugenic reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those assaults on decency are obviously racist, or ableist, but others are a little more subtle and arguably at least as dangerous, since the eugenics is somewhat less apparent.

People are grasping for solutions that don’t exist. That explains the meretricious attraction of quack remedies, fake statistics and claims of miracles....

Biopolitical Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting forms of discrimination that many well-meaning people have managed to ignore for many years. This is not a phenomenon limited to one country or even one category of people (categorizing itself is part of the problem). It’s not necessarily a revival so much as a revelation to some who have preferred not to see that eugenics is very much alive and very much needs to be called out, criticized and eliminated from our societies.


A hotel in Kyiv is currently home to more than 100 stranded babies who were born to surrogates, and whose intended parents are unable to get to them from other countries due to pandemic-related travel restrictions and closed borders. A...

'Perspectives in Biology and Medicine' recently published a Special Issue on CRISPR that is well worth an hour or two of your time.