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A little girl, dressed in a Wonder Woman's costume, sits on a sidewalk eating ice cream, while adults walk around her.

Are heroes born or are they raised? This is a classic example of the “nature versus nurture” debate. Anyone who considers having children wonders if their baby will be healthy, whether they can afford to pay for extra-curricular activities, how they will handle a child who is bullied or who bullies, how they can help their kid be secure and self-motivated.

But how much of a person’s ultimate fate is determined by genetics, and how much by the circumstances and...

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Oviedo Convention, the only international, legally binding treaty for human rights protection in the biomedical arena. On October 24 and 25, approximately 100 to 150 people from intergovernmental, academic, and nonprofit sectors...

David Jensen, who writes the essential California Stem Cell Report blog, published a detailed front-page article in the Sacramento Bee on September 2 with the eye-catching headline:

Stem cell company paid $443,500 to former head of state agency that funds research