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a white baby crawls on a giant tape measure
If you’re hoping that your child will be a basketball star, well, good luck using polygenic scores and genetic screening to foretell that. And if you try to choose your embryo in hopes of a genius IQ, you will probably be disappointed, and perhaps extremely upset.
Biopolitical Times
Given the degree of outrage expressed about Dr. He’s wildly reckless human experimentation, one might assume that, over the past year, we would have seen decisive action. That's not what happened.
The “CRISPR babies” announcement made headlines around the world, and the response to it is still developing. Here, in roughly chronological order, are key events related to the announcement and to the debate about human germline genome editing that ramped up over the past 12 months.
The Russian molecular biologist who wants to edit the genomes of human embryos is getting impatient with authorities who won't yet let him go ahead.