Bay Area Artist Looks to Biopolitical Issues for Inspiration

Posted by Jessica Cussins June 7, 2012
Biopolitical Times

Doug Minkler is a Bay Area artist and activist who has worked by the Mayakovski quote that, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” For decades he has created posters that point to societal injustices, corporate hypocrisy, and environmental destruction, all while celebrating the collective spirit of humanity.

Recently, his work has branched out to tackle biopolitical issues, such as the impending synthethic biology lab in Richmond that poses dangers to its workers and the environment, as well as UC Berkeley's increasing mergers with biotech corporations, influencing the quality of research. Because synthetic biology and other emerging biotechnologies pose significant social risks, it is critical that artists like Minkler help bring the issue to the public’s attention.

For more information and free graphics, check out his website.

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