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A poster - Only Healthy Seed Must Be Sown

On June 10, the Michigan State Graduate Employees Union (GEU) called for the removal of Stephen Hsu from his position as Senior Vice President of Research & Innovation. (His title was formerly VP of Research and Graduate Studies but changed recently.) In that capacity, he is an administrator overseeing research funding, grants support, the licensing of university inventions and so on. They laid out their case in a Twitter thread (unrolled here) that introduced the hashtag #FireStephenHsu. The...

Biopolitical Times
Researchers in Kathy Niakin’s lab in the UK have revealed disturbing results for anyone intent on pursuing heritable human genome editing. Their research showed significant unintended “on target” edits.

The resurgence of support for the message and movement of Black Lives Matter in the current moment makes even more visible the eugenic ideology underlying so much of what we activists are fighting against today. Eugenic thinking links the oppressive...

Who should live and who should die? That brutal and generally unspoken question is behind all the eugenic reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those assaults on decency are obviously racist, or ableist, but others are a little more subtle and arguably at least as dangerous, since the eugenics is somewhat less apparent.