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Blue text on pale blue background, "Social Justice and Human Rights Principles for Global Deliberation on Heritable Human Genome Editing by the Gender Justice and Disability Rights Coalition"

CGS’ Gender Justice and Disability Rights Coalition has just released Social Justice and Human Rights Principles for Global Deliberations on Heritable Genome Editing. The Principles explicitly center gender justice, disability rights, and human rights in deliberations addressing heritable genome editing, an arena that has largely been the purview of scientists and bioethicists. The Principles have been endorsed by more than 70 individuals and organizations from around the world.

Heritable genome editing – using CRISPR or other tools to alter...

Biopolitical Times

Note: This article was originally published in February 2024 in issue 268 of the German-language journal Der Gen-ethische Informationsdienst (GID). It is also part of an English-language dossier on Heritable Human Genome Editing published at the same time. Minor edits have been made.

Calls for German embryo research

Pressure on the German Embryo Protection Act is growing. The scientific community is launching a renewed attack on the controversial law and demands access to embryos for so-called high-ranking research objectives. "Germline therapies" are...

23andMe’s stock price since late 2020

23andMe, the first-off-the-blocks personal genomics company, has been struggling lately. In October, there were reports of a massive data breach focusing on 999,999 people with Ashkenazi heritage. The company eventually admitted that hackers had...

Screenshot from 1988 SNL skit

Modern transhumanists can be remarkably absurd. Case in point: the Enhanced Games. Peter Thiel and two other venture capitalists, Christian Angermayer and Balaji Srinivasan, are now funding “the Olympics of the future.” The...