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Three burning white candles, in a dark room. Candle wax drips on each.

How a powerful group of New Zealanders attempted to wipe out 'mental defectives' and improve the white race.

Oh Mother, save me from Dr Gray
‘Cause teacher says he’s coming to-day
And if I’m stupid he’ll take me away.
Oh, Mummie, save me from Dr Gray!”
“I cannot save you, my little child.”
His Mummie said and her eyes were wild.
“You belong to the State, you’re no more my child!
But Oh, my darling don’t stupid be
Or he’ll say we’ve tainted heredity.
And must be eradicated – you and me!


Templeton Centre is separated from the road by a thick row of pines, latticed together.

Most of the complex was bulldozed shortly after the institution closed in the nineties, and now it’s planned for a new development: agricultural research. There’s already a new complex erected for Seed Industry NZ, a greenhouse to test out new breeds of seed. But drive further, past the greenhouses and the dead-end cul de sacs, and two of the villas are still standing, fenced off, guarded by a cluster of staring cows....