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The CRISPR-based biotech startup Mammoth Biosciences is officially a unicorn, the company says. 

The billion-dollar valuation comes on the back of a $150 million Series D round led by Redmile Group, with participation from Foresite Capital, Senator Investment Group, Sixth Street, Greenspring Associates, Mayfield, Decheng Capital, Plum Alley and NFX. Combined with a late 2020 Series C round of $45 million (which included participation from Amazon), this brings the company’s total financing to $195 million. 

Mammoth Biosciences has been a major player in the CRISPR space since its founding in 2017. CRISPR, put simply, is a pair of biological scissors that can cut and replace genes in cells and living organisms, opening up the potential to perhaps permanently cure genetic disease, and perform DNA-based diagnostics. 

One of the company’s four founders is one of the original discoverers of CRISPR, Jennifer Doudna, who recently won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Emmanuelle Charpentier for their 2012 work demonstrating CRISPR could be used to cut DNA. The company’s other co-founders are Janice Chen (CTO), Lucas Harrington (CSO) and Trevor Martin... see more