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The political debate around access to in vitro fertilization (IVF) intensified this year,  following an Alabama Supreme Court decision in February that frozen embryos could be considered children.

An April Pew Research Center survey finds that Americans overwhelmingly say people having access to IVF is a good thing.

Seven-in-ten adults say IVF access is a good thing. Just 8% say it is a bad thing, while 22% are unsure.

There are only modest differences in views of IVF access across most demographic and partisan groups.

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Women (70%) and men (69%) are about equally likely to say IVF access is a good thing.

Views by religious affiliation

Across religious groups, far more people say IVF access is a good thing than a bad thing.

White nonevangelical Protestants and religiously unaffiliated Americans are particularly likely to say IVF access is a good thing (78% each). Clear majorities of White evangelicals (63%), Black Protestants (69%) and Catholics (65%) also say this.

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