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HUNDREDS of Australian couples are avoiding the law and buying designer babies in the United States. A Sunday Mail investigation has revealed desperate infertile couples, single women and gay men are spending up to $170,000 for a baby while Australian women are selling their eggs for up to $20,000 a "harvest".

The couples, single women and egg donors, are travelling to the US to skirt Australian laws that outlaw the buying of eggs and the paying of surrogate mothers, and to avoid six-year waiting lists for donor eggs.

The revelations follow a Sunday Mail report last week on the Altruistic Donor Egg Program, where Australian women give their eggs to childless couples for free.

An investigation into the baby-making trade has revealed:

_ Up to 50 Australian women have offered their eggs for sale in the US in the past few months.

_ More than 200 Australian couples have bought eggs or paid US surrogate mothers to have their children.

_ AT least 10 homosexual couples now have children after paying for eggs and US women to have their child....