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IVF with the cells in the embryo in the shape of a question mark

Chinese scientist Dr Jiankui He flouted the law and bioethics basics to create the world's first CRISPR gene edited babies. Now out of jail, he's on Twitter recruiting patients and raising funds for more trials, this time in adults not embryos. An unhelpful distraction or a cautionary lesson for the world's scientists? Dr Joy Zhang has an extraordinary insider view after a recent encounter with Dr He. Dr Katie Hasson is part of a global Coalition to Stop Designer Babies, and runs a Missing Voices initiative to diversify who gets a say about heritable genome editing.

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Dr Joy Zhang 
Founding director, Centre for Global Science and Epistemic Justice 
University of Kent, UK 
Co-author, The Elephant and the Dragon in Contemporary Life Sciences (Manchester University Press, 2022)

Dr Katie Hasson 
Associate Director 
Center for Genetics and Society, USA 

 Further information:

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