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a person with gloves in a lab setting holding a test tube.

Ethan Weiss: I think it became incredibly clear to me during Covid when . . . I don’t know if you saw this, but I sort of felt like a lot of my colleagues who might have been studying liver disease or metabolic disease or, I don’t know, neurodegenerative disease all of a sudden were becoming Covid scientists. The reason for that was so clear, right? There was just all this money flowing in, in the form of both government and nongovernment grants. And if you put a big pot of money in front of people, they’re going to do what they need to do to get that pot of money.

Lisa Rosenbaum: “Not otherwise specified” has always been one of my favorite phrases in medicine. Not just because it’s a fancy way of saying we don’t really understand the root cause of something, but also because it captures the human impulse to put tidy labels on things that remain largely unknown. In “NOS,” I talk with some of medicine’s most innovative thinkers to probe some of these...