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Introduction to The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda and the Human Future, New York, NY 

Text of opening comments given at the symposium, "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda and the Human Future"

Good evening. Thank you all so much for joining us here on a busy weekday evening during this Holiday season. I want to welcome you to our symposium, "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda, and the Human Future

I'll introduce our distinguished set of presenters in a moment, but I've been asked to set the stage with some comments on the work that led to this symposium and on some of the concerns that have motivated the organizers.

Just a few years ago, leaders and activists within a number of liberal and progressive organizations became concerned about the social and political implications of the new human genetic technologies. They included feminist and women's health leaders, environmentalists, civil and human rights activists, socially concerned scientists and health professionals, disability rights leaders and others.

We knew that many applications of the new human...