The back of a child walking with an adult who is holding their hand. Surrounding the child are bubbles in the wind.

A revolutionary way for human beings to reproduce appears inevitable, and the future may be closer than any of us can imagine.

The science and technology is already here, and in the coming decades experts believe this technology will come online, allowing parents to beable to choose a particular kind of child to have before the child is born.

It will be possible to have children who are not only free from deadly diseases, but who are born with carefully selected physical and mental traits.

This is all thanks to new and emerging reproductive technologies.

“I think most of our babies in 20 to 40 years are going to be conceived in a clinic,” declared bioethicist Hank Greely.

Greely is a professor of law and genetics at Stanford University and author of “The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction.”

He believes having actual sex in order to reproduce will become obsolete, even for fertile couples. Simply put, Greely said, babies will be created in vitro.

“Not in the bedroom, not in the back seat of a car, not under the...