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[Translated from the French. Original is here.]

In February 2013, you made a formal commitment against the acceptance in France of surrogacy contracts, designated today "gestation for another" (GPA), stating your firm and consistent opposition to this alienating social practice.

The surrogacy contract is contrary to the principle of respect for the person, both the woman who carries the child, the child who is commissioned by one or two persons, who develops in the womb of the "carrier" and who is delivered. Human beings are not things.

But on June 26, the European Court of Human Rights condemned France for excluding this transaction from its laws on women and children. The [French] Supreme Court was opposed to legal kinship issuing from contracts organized abroad being registered by the French civil state: in effect, if our law allowed this, then this contract which is against public order would be the only thing sought by the parties to the contract.

If France gives in, if legal parentage of children from surrogacy contracts made abroad are included in the French... see more