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egg freezing graphic

Gazing out at the Mediterranean from an idyllic rocky mountaintop, Sophie Hermann announced to her half a million Instagram followers that she had decided to freeze her eggs. Since that post in August, the 37-year-old former Made in Chelsea star has shared details on social media of every aspect of the egg-freezing process, which she undertook as part of a collaboration with two fertility companies and describes as “the best decision of my life”.

Little more than a decade ago, freezing eggs was still an experimental technology reserved mainly for women with serious medical conditions affecting their fertility. Now, as private clinics partner with influencers, young women report feeling “bombarded” by egg-freezing content when they use Instagram or TikTok.

This has been fuelled by a change in UK law made in July 2022 which means that eggs can be stored for 55 years, up from the previous limit of ten years, making it a realistic “insurance policy” for women in their twenties who are anxious about one day becoming a mother.

However, the sudden expansion of advertising has prompted concerns...