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Any day now, Cambodia’s first baby conceived in a test tube and implanted in a rented womb will be born in a Phnom Penh maternity ward.  

The names of the intended parents are not known, nor that of the local surrogate. It is not known which agency is being used, or who and how much was paid.

In fact, nobody really knows if the procedure is even legal in Cambodia.

Recent media reports have claimed that the Ministry of Interior intends to treat surrogacy as a form of human trafficking, making it not only illegal but punishable by a prison sentence.

But speaking this week, Health Minister Mam Bunheng said that the matter had yet to be decided.

“Until now, we don’t have a law to ban or regulate surrogacy and we are discussing together with the Ministry of Justice to regulate the industry to avoid problems, but we haven’t finalised the result whether it will be considered human trafficking or not,” he told Post Weekend, adding that the government was currently working on a law on...