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CGS works to strengthen inclusive, democratic governance of human biotechnologies. We are building a movement to bring social justice and human rights to the center of public and policy discussions about human genetics and assisted reproduction. 

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The Missing Voices Initiative calls for broad societal inclusion in discussions of heritable genome editing. MVI models robust and inclusive engagement by bringing together civil society advocates and socially engaged scholars to amplify social justice and human rights voices and perspectives in debates about heritable genome editing. The Initiative has two parts: the Working Group addresses a broad range of social justice and human rights concerns, and the international Gender Justice and Disability Rights Coalition highlights the importance of gender justice and disability rights to policymaking on human biotechnologies.
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CGS organizes in-person and virtual events that bring social justice and human rights perspectives to wide-ranging topics in human genetic and reproductive technologies. You can find recordings in our video library and on our YouTube page. The video library also includes talks and media appearances by CGS staff, fellows, and consultants.
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The CGS blog, Biopolitical Times, publishes timely posts on topics including heritable genome editing, eugenics, DNA forensics, gene therapy, assisted reproduction, and surrogacy. Contributors include CGS staff, consultants, colleagues, and guests. Our monthly newsletter, Biopolitical News & Views, features commentary by CGS published on our blog and elsewhere, as well as a curated collection of news articles on a broad range of topics related to the social context and consequences of human genetic and reproductive technologies. You can subscribe today and catch up on past issues.
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CGS speaks and writes widely. Our staff are quoted frequently in the media and our research is cited often. We regularly comment on biotech developments through press statements, op-eds, and commentaries. We frequently speak and participate in policy discussions on human biotechnologies.
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Co-hosted by CGS and sister organization Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research, the ART Working Group is an invitational community of advocates and scholars who assess developments in assisted reproduction, share resources, and promote public policies consistent with social and reproductive justice. Established in 2013, the group now includes 150 members from 13 countries who contribute to a members-only website, listserv, webinars, and virtual “Coffee Hours.” 
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A comprehensive and non-commercial resource about the complexities of cross-border surrogacy, the Surrogacy360 site offers policy maps, curated news, and resources that keep intended parents, advocates, and scholars up to date on ever-changing surrogacy regulations and policy debates.