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a photo of the prime minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni

Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy

Italian authorities are bringing in new measures targeting LGBT families and making it harder for them to have children. Many same-sex parents feel that a new law, which would make it illegal to have surrogacy abroad, is a personal attack against them. 

“We have two options: to stay in Italy and face prison, or to run away.”

Husbands Claudio and Davide (not their real names) have a baby on the way through surrogacy - a woman in another country is carrying their son for them.

The practice is illegal in Italy and most of Europe, so couples travel to countries where it is legal - such as the US and Canada - and bring their babies back home.

But the Italian senate is set to approve a bill that would make surrogacy a “universal crime” - one so serious that it would be prosecuted even if committed abroad, like human trafficking or paedophilia. 

No other country has a similar ban.

If the bill becomes law, couples like Claudio and Davide could face a fine...