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Thanks to the emergence of affordable home DNA testing, we are now constantly learning surprising news relating to family connections and assisted reproductive technology. Discovering that a single sperm donor fathered a multitude of children, sometimes more than a hundred, is basically old news by now. It even inspired movies like Delivery Man, where Vince Vaughn finds out that he has fathered more than 500 children from his past side job.

Have you discovered a long lost cousin? Well, you have nothing on Dr. Bryce Cleary. Recently, a sperm donor who is also a doctor brought suit against his former medical school, which he says pressured him into donating sperm, but also misused the sperm after he donated. Per the complaint filed in Oregon’s Multnomah County Court, Dr. Cleary alleges he was in his first year of medical school at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) when he and other medical students were solicited to donate their sperm to the hospital to help women become pregnant and for research. Seems like this would have made a good episode of a medical school TV show!

Broken Promises

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