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Father and baby

A few years ago, lawyer Vladimir (name changed) who lives in a big Russian city decided to have a child with the help of a surrogate mother. His whole family was pleased when a girl was born. She was the first daughter in three generations. His parents and other relatives, including his 80-year-old grandmother, have provided much help in bringing up Vladimir's daughter, who is now almost three.

Few people know that Vladimir, a gay man, went through a surrogate program. His neighbors may have their suspicions, but they do not ask questions.

"When I decided to have children, there were various clinics for reproductive medicine," said Vladimir, who opted for the cheapest option. In vitro fertilization with a donor egg costs 250,000 rubles (€2,744, $3,214). All up, Vladimir paid the equivalent of €22,000 euros. The surrogate mother, a Ukrainian woman, received half.

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The birth was not easy, and the baby girl had to spend some time in hospital. The doctors advised Vladimir to sort out the formalities as quickly as... see more