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Newspaper ad for a clinic

The California stem cell agency has posted a bit of a roundup on the state of regulatory affairs concerning what its chairman once called “snake oil” clinics that purport to offer stem cell treatments. 

The clinics, which number nearly 1,300 nationwide, peddle nostrums to desperate people that cost thousands of dollars.  While the federal government is now moving on the clinics, the federal regulators have actually been late to the game. 

Even later to the game is the state of California, whose medical regulators and lawmakers are mired in stasis. The Golden State, as usual, has the highest number of any state in the nation. 

The $12 billion California stem cell agency has no ability to regulate the rogue clinics. About the only action it can take is to beat the drum for more action.  Plus its plate is more than full dealing with the new imperatives placed upon it by the 17,000-word ballot initiative, Proposition 14, that saved it from financial death last year. 

Last week, the agency’s blog had this to say, 

“We’re delighted to see that the...

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