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23andMe box that reads "welcome to you"

Anne Wojcicki, the CEO and founder of the popular Silicon Valley gene-testing company 23andMe, said in mid-October that she didn't feel as if the company was offering what she called a "complete product."

That's because its latest gene-testing kit — which includes health screenings for some of the genes involved in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and breast cancer — did not include a test looking athow customers processed medications, including those for depression.

But on Wednesday, Wojcicki's company got the green light from the Food and Drug Administration to sell such a test. The next day, experts from the same agency warned people against using similar tests "whose claims have not been reviewed by the FDA."

23andMe's test is the first of its kind to get FDA clearance to be sold directly to consumers online or in stores. Several other similar tests are on the market, but all require the involvement of a physician or a psychiatrist.

The tests assess which genes are involved in breaking down various medications (including antidepressants and some heart medications) in the body. Versions are being...