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What will it mean for me if my state considers my embryo a "person"?

If my state considers an embryo a person, but my embryo is stored in a state that doesn't, is my embryo still considered a "person"?

Should I move all my embryos to a state that doesn't deem them to be persons?

Should I do that right away?

Will I be able to leave my state to do my fertility treatment in a non-personhood state?

Will I be able to leave my state to do a "selective reduction" there?

What happens when I come back?

What happens to the friend who drives me?


Will it still be legal to freeze embryos?

Will it still be legal to discard embryos?

What will happen if I do?

And what will happen to the person actually discarding the embryo for me?

Will anyone be willing to discard an embryo for me?

Can I discard my embryo in another state even if my own state considers it murder?

Is it true that in some states only embryos in uteruses are...