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In his well-appointed, air-conditioned ultrasound clinic in South Delhi, Dr. Varun Dugal is doing his utmost to enforce a law that bans him from revealing the sex of an unborn child to pregnant women.

A government-issue sign informs patients of this in Hindi and in English: "Here pre-natal sex determination (boy/girl before birth) is not done. It is a punishable act." A poster, tries a more emotional approach, depicting the pleading eyes of a young girl, and begging "Save the girl child." Patients are obliged to sign a form, declaring that they do not want to know the sex, before an examination can begin.

Despite the warnings, the majority of his clients still try to squeeze the information out of him.

"They ask me casually as they leave 'Doctor, should I buy pink or blue?"' he says. "I lose business because I won't tell them. There are plenty of other clinics nearby where they can find out."

New government figures reveal that this expensive area of Delhi - one of the most elite, prosperous areas of the Indian capital -...