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Blue Instagram advertisement for Modern Fertility, reading "Want kids one day?"

Photo: screenshot from Instagram

On Instagram, I scroll past a blonde toddler's second birthday, a senior dog that's up for adoption, a pair of daytime pajamas, and then, a post with a question: "Want kids one day?"

It's an ad from Modern Fertility, a company that is one of an expanding group of contemporary tech-oriented companies offering fertility services to people with uteruses before they are trying, and having trouble, getting pregnant. Typically, testing for markers associated with fertility only happens after a person does not successfully conceive after one year of trying. But in the last half decade, "proactive" fertility testing and care has become a big business for individuals and employers who offer the services of these companies as a benefit to employees.

The Instagram ad offers a quiz that will help "get information about your body to help you plan." My mind races: What information? Should my doctor have told me something? Yes, I do want kids. Is my lunch break on a Tuesday the time to start planning, and what does "planning" even mean?

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