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Scores of lawmakers, high-ranking officials and entertainers, among others, are suspected of having received illegal stem cell injection treatments here.

Some of them have allegedly received treatment at bargain prices in exchange for pushing for the deregulation of clinical tests.

According to MBC News Desk, a total of 8,000 patients have received stem cell injections so far at various medical facilities including two hospitals in Japan and China under the arrangement of RNL Bio, a company that extracts adult stem cells from human fat then cultivates and stores them. The recipients had various diseases ranging from liver failure to diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, renal failure and hyperthyroid syndromes to ovarian tumors.

However, what they received was the same — an injection of adult stem cells into their bloodstreams.

RNL has reportedly promoted that “a person who could not wake up can walk after the injection.” It also lured patients by saying that the shots could rejuvenate their skin and body functions to that of their 20s and 30s.

The broadcaster said the treatments were conducted in hospitals around Seoul. The... see more