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a photo of New York City Hall

"New York City Hall" by Aude is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 DEED

New York City is denying in vitro fertilization benefits to thousands of gay male employees of the city and their partners, a class-action lawsuit filed by a same-sex married couple alleged Thursday.

Brooklyn-based couple Nicholas Maggipinto, 38, and Corey Briskin, 35, claim the city is discriminating against male same-sex couples and violating federal, state and local laws by denying them IVF insurance benefits that other city employees are able to access.

“We were disheartened to say the least when we were told that we aren’t eligible for the IVF benefit because of the way the policy is phrased,” Briskin told The Washington Post. “We are entitled to equal treatment under the law.”

The lawsuit comes at a time when IVF has been thrust into national scrutiny after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled this year that frozen embryos are children. The lawsuit also comes at a time when LGTBQ rights are at the fore of U.S. politics, with states passing legislation to pull back gender-affirming...