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As you drop your dad’s card into the mailbox, or dial him for a quick chat, or arrange a little get-together to mark the day, spare a thought for the people who will find this Father’s Day agonizing.

Spare a thought for the 35-year-old who just discovered, earlier this year, after getting a home DNA kit as a holiday gift, that the man they’ve always known and loved as their father is not in fact their biological father.

This person doesn’t know how to tell their dad that they know this fact, and so they haven’t, yet. They are filled with dread. They are worried it will somehow bubble up in conversation, or be revealed in some non-verbal way, before they’re ready to cope. They are praying everything can be normal, for just one more year.

They don’t want to hurt their dad – the father who raised them – or the mother who kept the secret alongside him. They love their dad and mom intensely, but still look in the mirror these days and find themselves wondering where those... see more