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Technician freezing eggs

More women in the UK than ever before are considering freezing their eggs, with the sharp rise in inquiries at some of London’s largest clinics attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. No wonder perhaps, since social restrictions have impacted single people wishing to couple-up, making it significantly more difficult to go on dates or meet potential partners.

The current prolonged uncertainty about the future has exacerbated the concerns that many single childless women – especially those in their mid-30s – were already reporting, including anxieties about the ticking of their biological clocks and fears over age-related fertility decline. 

Sarah, a 36-year-old HR manager who recently came out of a four-year relationship, feels the pandemic could not have come at a more costly time in her personal life. She told me: “I have this constant underlying worry that by the time this all blows over and I can finally meet someone, I might have missed the boat to become a mother.” 

It is easy to see why women like Sarah might opt for egg freezing. Yet while this technology can certainly... see more