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An initial post-mortem report of the 23-year-old Yuma Sherpa, who died after an egg donation procedure at an IVF clinic in Lajpat Nagar on January 29, has said she sustained internal bleeding in her pelvic region and her ovaries were “hypertrophied.” The report has been submitted to the police by AIIMS, and the viscera has been sent for more tests to establish the cause of death.

According to sources, the post-mortem has found haematoma or clotting of blood in the peritoneum (stomach cavity), around the uterus and ovaries, indicating internal bleeding. The report has also found her ovaries were “severely hypertrophied” or enlarged. “The ovaries were enlarged due to hormones injected to trigger the ovaries to produce more than the usual number of eggs, since she had undergone a procedure to donate her eggs. We are trying to understand the quantity of hormones that were injected, through viscera tests and chemical and physical examination of the ovary cells to analyse the number of follicles that were formed in the ovary,” a source said.

Sources said Sherpa was given general anaesthesia...