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For 26 year old Anna being a surrogate mother is her main source of income.

She is now pregnant with her second child, impregnated according to the practice. It was hard for her to make the initial decision to become a surrogate, but she has already got used to it now.

“Social and economic problems pushed me to taking this decision. I have already done this once before and I know that I am not doing anything wrong,” said Anna. “It was difficult, however, at the beginning, mostly because of the reactions of some of my relatives. No one understood me, even my own parents, but I still made this move.”

Anna already has her own child. She said the feelings were different between the pregnancies. “I can clearly remember the period of being pregnant with my own child. At that time I understood why I was pregnant from the very beginning. Now, being a surrogate mother is my job and nothing more,” she added.

“It took a lot of time to convince myself that I was making the correct...