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Cindy Wasser and Chris Blake hired surrogates to carry their children, Jennelle and Etta
Cindy Wasser’s first date with Chris Blake, the man who would become her husband, was a disaster. He tripped on the restaurant carpet when coming over to greet her, was tongue-tied the entire meal, then topped things off by letting her split the bill. Wasser was a criminal lawyer and Blake an equity analyst at Royal Mutual Funds. Wasser’s stockbroker had set them up, claiming they had common interests and would be “soulmates.” After that initial meeting, Wasser wasn’t so sure. But there was something about the voice mail he left a week later that made her listen over and over. And when he tied a packet of tea and gourmet honey to her door late one night when she was sick, she melted. Less than six months after they first met, he stood with her in the bathroom looking at a pee stick that said she was pregnant, cupped her face in his hands and proposed.

Until then, she’d been married to her career, working 120-hour weeks. At age 43, the odds of conceiving were slim. But she was...