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Two couples who had children through surrogates in Ukraine are warning prospective parents to do their research thoroughly before choosing an agency to help facilitate it.

"We absolutely think overseas surrogacy is a great pathway," mother of surrogate twins Louise Pitcher told 7.30.

"We just think there are safer ways to do this, particularly in providing people [with] as much information as possible."

The Pitchers, and another couple, have raised a series of concerns about surrogate company Lotus, including treatment of the surrogates, the lack of information and support and unexpected or uncovered medical expenses.

Reproductive law specialist Dr Sonia Allan from Deakin University has a number of concerns about overseas surrogacy.

She said low incomes in Ukraine, where women earn as little as $3,000 a year, and issues around the legality of the practice in Australia, made for a complex situation.

"[There are] so many implications for the women being used as a surrogate, and for the children being born and brought back to Australia," she said.

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