Social Distancing with Extra Time? Catch Up on These Free CGS Resources.

Biopolitical Times
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During this time of social distancing, many people are off work, working from home, or skipping events and obligations that would otherwise be taking them out of the house. If these changes translate into time on your hands (and that’s certainly not the case for everyone!), we’ve assembled some of our favorite free resources so you can use this opportunity to brush up on the debates and conversations happening around human biotechnologies. We hope you’ll watch, learn, and share widely. And we’d love to hear what you think.

Future of Genetics—Should We Create Superhumans?
CGS’ Program Director for Genetic Justice Katie Hasson took the stage in Qatar as part of the 2020 Doha Debates. Appearing with Ghida Fakhry, Julian Savulescu, and Jamie Metzl, Katie addressed the titular question as well as others about “the long-term challenges and opportunities CRISPR presents,” highlighting the social justice and human rights implications of heritable genome editing. 

Talking Biopolitics 2018 with Alondra Nelson and Jenny Reardon
Alondra Nelson and Jenny Reardon, both authors of recent books about genomics and social justice, talk about how institutions respond to histories of racism in which genetics play a role; what it means to live in a genome-oriented world; and how we can develop new understandings of racism, morality, and genetic justice.

Gene Editing and the Future of Reproductive Justice
This webinar discusses the role reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates can play in preventing a high-tech eugenic future where some people's genes are deemed more valuable for reproducing than others. Featured panelists include sociology professor and legal scholar Dorothy Roberts, African-Americans studies professor Ruha Benjamin, and law professor Lisa Ikemoto.

Climate Crisis, Designer Babies, Our Common Future: An evening with john a. powell and Bill McKibben
Watch this conversation between activist and author Bill McKibben and scholar john a. powell, both of whom have written extensively about why we must join together to secure a just and fair future — before it’s too late. This event highlights why the harms of climate catastrophe and genetically engineering humans are both social justice issues that will shape the future of our planet and our species.  

For more free webinars and recordings of CGS discussions and events, visit the video page on our website or visit us on YouTube