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An illicit surrogacy trade is burgeoning in the Chinese capital Beijing, where would-be parents can pay surrogate mothers as much as 1 million yuan (HK$1.26 million) to carry their child, an undercover report by Xinhua has revealed.

One surrogacy agency approached by Xinhua’s journalists eagerly promoted their programme in Thailand in which mainland mothers could give birth to the babies in the Southeast Asian country.

In an old, dimly lit apartment-hotel room which served as the company’s reception office, a representative of the China, United States, Thailand International Surrogacy Agency presented a price list for in vitro fertilisation (which includes compensation for surrogates), service fees, surgery fees and travel expenses.

The prices vary, but do not go below 500,000 yuan.

”You can choose the sex of your child if you add a few thousand yuan,” the representative, surnamed Liu, who handles the agency’s business site in Beijing, claimed.

The illegal surrogacy boom has been fuelled by various factors such as increasing infertility rates and the one-child policy, according to the Chinese website of The New York Times...

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