Aggregated News

Second in a two-part series.

Hundreds of women nationwide, with nowhere else to turn, are forging a campaign against a drug they believe has ruined their health and their lives.

The women charge that Lupron, a drug with few tests for long-term side effects, has wracked their bones, robbed their memories and damaged their vision.

"My knees tremble a lot and get very weak, and I have to use a cane now to go up and down the stairs," said Kimberly Savino, 17, of Easton, who was prescribed Lupron last year for a gynecological problem.

Before taking the drug, Savino said she often rode horses and jogged. Today, three months after stopping Lupron, the teenager has trouble even walking and has been diagnosed with a degenerative arthritis, which usually develops over many years.

Her mother is worried - and suspects Kimberly's strange bone problems were triggered by Lupron.

"It's very hard to see her, all of a sudden, moving around like an old lady with a cane," said Susan Savino. "Now we don't know if she is going to end...