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At least a dozen women yesterday from around Greater Boston said they were angry to learn that a drug they were all prescribed for various gynecological problems may be linked to serious, lasting side effects in scores of others across the country.

The women spoke out after reading a series in the Herald about Lupron, a drug that was designed for men with advanced prostate cancer but is now widely prescribed for women for many gynecological problems, including infertility.

"I would not have taken it if I was told there would be lingering pain, because it's horrible," said Lisa Plante, 42, a mother of two in Fall River.

Plante said she received three injections of Lupron three years ago, and has struggled with strange pains in her joints ever since. She said she didn't have those pains before taking Lupron.

"I feel like I'm 80. My body is always sore," she said.

The Herald series highlighted health problems women have reported after taking Lupron. One of the most common problems they've reported is strange, gnawing joint and bone pains.