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"'Canadian Criminal Law, Review' vols. 2-10"
by umjanedoan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


When Alexandra Stathopoulos gave birth in 2015, there were complications. The baby was fine, but Alexandra was not: she would not be able to carry another child. The doctor told Alexandra that if she and her husband, Nick, wanted more children, they should consider surrogacy. They did, and they did.

The couple lived in Melbourne, Australia. What they quickly learned was that, in the country they call home, there weren’t a lot of surrogates. The process could take years, or in fact it might never happen. So they started looking elsewhere.

One place they heard about was Canada. Medically advanced, progressive, politically stable, English-speaking—it was appealing. In early 2019, they started working with a leading Canadian surrogacy agency, Canadian Fertility Consultants (CFC). The Stathopouloses understood that the agency would help them find a surrogate, then help them manage the process, including booking appointments, arranging travel and managing the reimbursement of the surrogate’s expenses.

Surrogacy agencies in Canada occupy a murky legal space...