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GLENN BECK: You know, sometimes I get up in the morning and I read the paper and I read a story that, you know, will shock me. Sometimes I read one that really outrages me. Sometimes I read stories that make me pray for the future of mankind. This story does all three.

Lawmakers in the UK have given the green light to plans to combine human embryos with animal embryos. You know, for research. The result, cutely called cy-brids, are embryos that are 99.9 percent human. But they have a law now that these cells have to be destroyed within 14 days, which is just enough time to harvest them for stem cells. Isn`t that great?

You know, if all we ever needed were laws to make sure that everything runs right, then why do we have so many prisons?

Marcy Darnovsky, they`re actually taking a cow embryo and sucking the cow stuff out and putting human stuff in it?

MARCY DARNOVSKY: Well, that`s what some scientists want to do. It`s not clear that there`s a convincing medical or...